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We offer professional consulting and access to our large network. Certified manufacturers ensure high quality – be it for optimal manufacturing processes for unmachined parts, definition of finishes, or feasibility studies according to your requirements.


Our services in procurement and our benchmarking provide you with a transparent and neutral overview of materials, delivery schedules, and prices. Within the shortest period of time, you received specific prototypes and small series as well as the desired finish.


We work closely together with our manufacturers and take care of all handling and communications processes during the prototype phase and prototype procurement, including finishing, as well as during validation. As such, we are your sole contact partner.

FLEX prototyping, your system supplier for prototypes tailored to your needs.

We are revolutionising the procurement of prototypes and small series.

Fast – Efficient -Inexpensive

We offer you …

… extensive relief for your purchasing department and project management. Simply achieved through our optimised and FLEXible procurement process for prototypes. Our FLEX prototyping team supports you during the whole prototyping phase: From the definition of the manufacturing process all the way to the successful validation of your components. Utilise your capacities for project and series business: by using our service, you avoid unnecessary failures in pre-series and series production.


The optical and mechanical properties are identical to those of industrially manufactured parts. The advantages are the high quantities and the utilisation of the material that is also planned for in series manufacturing. 



This process is being utilised to manufacture visually appealing and functional parts that come very close to series parts. These prototypes are suitable for validation of a design or for performing mechanical tests.



AM processes are capable of manufacturing the most complicated designs from 3D CAD data. This provides new options for developers & designers – especially with respect to the area of lightweight construction.


A love for manufacturing

From vision to realisation, from the complex creation of prototypes all the way to single piece or series production. We help you realise your innovative ideas.From vision to realisation, from the complex creation of prototypes all the way to single piece or series production. We help you realise your innovative ideas.


In the design phase already is where you can influence the functional characteristics of your product most. The analyses of FLEX prototyping regarding static or dynamic strength calculation provide valuable insights from which approaches for product improvements can be derived early on.


Before your components enters series production, it must be tested. Above all, it is paramount to check the dimensional stability of your prototype. FLEX prototyping and our suppliers provide targeted support in measuring your products. This way, we achieve the highest degree of process reliability and manufacturing quality for you, even in the finest contours.


A reliable surface inspection for mechanical influences such as scratch resistance is often required right in the manufacturing stage. With FLEX prototyping, you increase the quality of your products and at the same time lower your costs.

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We are #productionromantics, #efficiencylovers, #productioncapacityutilisers, #systemsuppliers, #prototypefans , and so much more. We believe in the power of cooperation and digital networking! We are convinced that with our FLEXible prototype construction, the use of state-of-the-art technological options and with our all-inclusive service, we can provide significant relief for your prototype purchasing. Get in touch with us and find out more about our multitude of services.

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