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Customized Oldtimer spare parts by FLEX prototyping

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Customized Oldtimer spare parts by FLEX prototyping

Not only the exceptional and elegant design but also the unique feeling of being part of a dreamy past – the mere thought of classic cars makes many hearts beat faster. But as pleasing as the thought might appear, the first drive with one of these cars is often preceded by a lengthy and expensive reconditioning process.

Since not everyone can afford buying their dream car in perfect condition and at first hand, owners often face extensive and costly repairs before being able to enjoy their ride. Damages such as rusted bumpers, broken mirrors or outdated material conditions are only some of the possible problems.

The question is, where to find the right spare products which are affordable
and accessible at one end and of high quality at the same time?
What would you think about a quick and inexpensive solution?

We from FLEX prototyping have made it our mission to make this possible. The procedure is simple: If present, provide us the 3D data of your requested product or commission us to handle the entire process. Besides producing prototypes, we offer fast and reliable scanning. To receive further information about the procedure, just contact our colleagues at Classic Car. 

FLEX prototyping is your ideal partner in terms of producing spare parts for antique cars of all types. Due to our cooperation with several companies we have the opportunity to offer you an “all-in-one” product which will already be chrome-plated,
painted and ready to build in. If you have any further questions or specific inquiries feel free to contact us!

Stay FLEXible

With best regards, Your FLEX prototyping team