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FLEX goes automotive

FLEX - Prototypen & Kleinserien garantiert günstig

FLEX goes automotive

Due to the excellent work of our Sales & Distribution department, we were able – within the shortest amount of time – to establish an interesting network within the automotive segment. Promising initial meetings illustrate the benefit of such a cooperation.

Prototype or small series procurement, surface finishing, or straight-forward consulting regarding the implementability of a project – in a lot of intersection points, initial talks with large manufacturers already illustrated the benefit for the service we are providing.

“We relieve both end customers and suppliers, optimising processes and costs. This way, we ensure a smooth flow in the prototyping phase”, elaborates Stefan Hillebrand, Managing Director, Sales & Purchase, FLEX prototyping.

But our service is not only of interest to the automotive sector. Medical technology, tool construction, or aerospace engineering are only some of the machining fields that can profit from a cooperation with us.

“For the future, we are planning events regarding interdisciplinary knowledge transfer. Metal-processing actors can learn from and with each other. In addition to our services, we would like to create a space for cooperation”, explains Andre Mader, Managing Director, Marketing & Financial.

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