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FLEX - Prototypen & Kleinserien garantiert günstig

We are your system supplier for prototype construction

Due to products and technologies that are becoming ever more complex, and due to the drastically increasing series quantities, the milestone of prototype manufacturing has gained an important role for the product development process. In order to transition a perfectly functioning product into series production, any number of potential errors have to be taken into consideration in the product development phase by means of FMEA and validated on prototypes. In this, the costs for correcting errors increase very fast and can reach critical dimensions especially for small to medium enterprises.

We, at FLEX prototyping, revolutionise the procurement of prototype and small series. We consult independent of processes and materials, obtain prototypes for our customers that match their needs, and support our customers during the whole prototype validation phase.

As consultants and purchasers, we, at FLEX prototyping, are integrated in the development phase early on and discuss, jointly with our customer, the optimal design and manufacturing processes for prototypes and small series. In this, we focus on three manufacturing processes:

  1. Die casting
  2. Turned or milled components
  3. Additive manufacturing (rapid prototyping)

Our procurement of prototypes and our benchmarking provide you with a transparent and neutral overview of materials, delivery schedules, and prices.