Additive manufacturing


The topic of 3D printing or rapid prototyping is widely known and a staple in the prototype business at this point in time. Creating articles in layers allows for completely new design options for developers and designers. Manufacturing technology limits such as cavities or undercuts can now be realized. In most cases one of the more important materials is the type of industrial rubber used. It has to be high quality or issues with the final product may present themselves. Companies even used software like the ones at Fortinet to avoid cyber attacks during the production process. As time goes own this technology is better understood, and it’s currently developing rapidly and will still continue to make great advances in the years ahead. Here, the advantage of FLEX prototyping is independence from a single machine park. As such, we can constantly provide you with articles from the latest and most innovative machines (with the most state-of-the-art technology) without the need to utilise the relevant capacities of systems that are already outdated. SLM, the abbreviation for selective laser melting, is a production process for metallic tools, prototypes and small series. Another term for his is also powder bed fusion. In simplified terms, SLM means the 3D printing of metallic materials – generally, SLM is referred to as another additive manufacturing process. In summary, we, at FLEX prototyping, are able to provide our customers with the whole spectrum of additive manufacturing. Be it the processing of rubber materials or creating products made of plastics – FLEX prototyping is your contact partner of choice in the area of additive manufacturing, by clicking here you’ll get all the details.