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FLEX - Prototypen & Kleinserien garantiert günstig


Components that are merely ground or polished are quite often very susceptible to exterior influences and do, of course, not fulfil decorative expectations. In order to be able to check influences early on that might have an impact on the article in series production, the prototypes should be coated already with the final surface system. This way, errors caused e.g. by scratch or corrosion resistance can be identified already in the early phase of development and the surface system can be optimised accordingly. These optimisations are also controlled by FLEX prototyping. As such, you only have a single point of contact and do not have to carry out numerous discussions with various testing labs, coating contractors, and manufacturers of unmachined parts.

In order to provide your components with the ultimate finish, FLEX prototyping is cooperating with various coating contractors which make it possible to coat your component with the most diverse of surfaces.

Once your article goes into series production, it is extremely important to be able to provide the coating contractor for series production with a master sample. Said master sample defines your requirements with respect to the optimal surface in terms of appearance, gloss level, and colour combination (lab values). In addition to the surfacing system, these factors are also dependent on the basic material as well as the post-processing (sanding, polishing, etc.).